Insights of us


In this second edition of Insights of us we would like to introduce Elena Baynova, a Russian girl with an Andalusian soul ?. Her 13 years in Seville have shaped her forever and it is the place she calls “my home with my people”!
She spent 2 years in Madrid and organized events in Spain, Europe and Latin America. “One day, I received a message from a friend who asked me if I would like to live on a paradisiacal island,” she says with a smile on her face. She liked the idea and after meeting Juan Miguel and her colleagues from Palma de Mallorca, she couldn’t resist leaving everything behind and starting a new adventure on the white island. In 2017, she began her journey with maximice events group, being responsible for the destination Ibiza.

Here are some insights from Elena, our expert on Ibiza:
The first word that comes to your mind when you think about Ibiza is…
Es Vedrá

Describe Ibiza in three words.
The colour of the water – this turquoise is unique in the whole world.
Energy – it’s magical here, everything gives off special vibrations.
Ibiza is full of authentic, rare, different, unique corners…three words are just not enough to describe this beautiful place ?

What do you like most about this island?
To discover it. It’s small, compared to Madrid or Seville, but it has many different places and facets to explore.

What would be your recommendation for someone planning her/his first trip to Ibiza?
Don’t just let yourself be carried away by tourist myths but enjoy the island and its various attractions: Sea, land, culture, food and, of course, the incomparable offer of the best parties and productions in the world.

Do you have a favourite route/place that you could reveal?
The abandoned jetty at Cala Vedella to enjoy the beauty of the sea while snorkelling or the monument at Cala Llentia by Andrew Rodgers. The sunsets you can enjoy from there are the most magical on the island.