We see the light at the end of the tunnel. After more than a year of confusing information, drastic measures, deprivations of fundamental rights and a long etcetera of restrictions to which the whole world has been exposed, the greatest global standstill humanity has ever seen is coming to an end. After hitting rock bottom, there is nothing left to do but bounce back with a strong push to get back up again.

World tourism, and especially MICE tourism, has been extremely affected by this situation. But with the beginning of spring, positive news has also started to arrive:

  • International Tourism Trade Fair in Madrid (FITUR) 19 – 23 May: confirmed live!
  • Mobile World Congress (MWC) 28 June – 1 July: confirmed live!
  • UK announces loosening of restrictions and British bookings soar!

Sweden is gearing up with enormous enthusiasm to travel to Spain again.
In addition to these major international events, numerous congresses, conferences, and other MICE events will be held on-site at national level.

In the same week that we read this very promising news for our sector, the phones in our offices are ringing off the hook. They are clients who want to reactivate the events they had to postpone. But we also get calls from different parts of the world because they have requests for Spain for this year!
And so, for this year 2021, as of today, we have 21 confirmed events in the MICE department and 2 in the Automotive department. In addition, our Automotive department is busy with several requests at the same time.

Although most of these clients come from already consolidated markets, we realise that the spectrum of possible markets is opening up more and more and geographical proximity is taking on new meanings.
As you can see, events are being reactivated and this motivates us enormously to continue fighting for what we love most: live communication.

It is true that uncertainty is still in the air, but it is getting smaller and smaller. At maximice events group we strongly believe that the restart has begun.