The maximice family keeps growing!


We are proud to introduce our two recent incorporations to the maximice family.
Gala Kulakova and Lisa Mösl are the two new Project Managers in the MICE Department in our Head Office in Mallorca and Marbella Office respectively.

Originally from Moscow, Russia, Gala has chosen Mallorca to be her home. “It’s hard not to fall in love with this island, its magnificent nature and beautiful traditions,”- she says – “I feel so proud to represent Mallorca and to showcase it to our clients”.

Gala has graduated from a Master program of Tourism Management here on the island and she is truly passionate about travel and events. Her experience has taken her to Brazil, where she worked on a hospitality program for the Olympic Games, followed by the World Cup in Russia. Before that, her passion took her to Portugal, Hungary, even Egypt, where she organized different types of events.

Lisa on the other hand was born and raised in Austria, but she wanted to travel the world to see what it has to offer. “Guided by my great interest in foreign languages and cultures I packed my bags right after graduating high school and moved to New York. Coming back home from what was most likely “the adventure of my lifetime” I started my English held studies in Tourism and Leisure Management where I was lucky enough to get to spend yet another two semesters abroad. One in Helsinki and the other in a Malaga based event management company, focused on organizing corporate team-building events for companies all over Europe,” she explains.

After her studies she took a chance and combined her passion for the event management industry with her love for the Spanish culture and that´s why she came back to Malaga. She started working in a multinational American company organizing corporate events, while at the same time supported the marketing department on several projects.

“I am over the moon to start off this new chapter of my life with maximice events group. I am beyond excited to show our clients how charming, tasteful, contemporary yet cultural, diverse yet unique and fascinating the Costa del Sol actually is and I am sure that they will quickly realize that it is the perfect destination to hold their events.”