Insights of us


Today we start our post series Insights of us where we invite you to delve into the maximice family, get to know better each member of our team and have a closer look at how our day-to-day life looks like. In each edition, they will reveal their personal and professional points of view on our managed destinations, how they like to spend their free time in the respective location and last but not least, they will recommend a route, a place, a restaurant, a hidden secret must visit place for you to discover.

This first edition is all about beautiful Mallorca, the lifestyle island. Here is our head office and here is where it all began.

Virginia, native of Mallorca, lives in Palma, is one of the first members of the company and part of our back-office team. She is an important piece in our company structure “we all are important pieces here, it’s like a car, if you take out a piece, it won’t work properly” she says.

Virginia admits that she doesn’t move that much around the island and prefers to spend some quality time with her friends and family. “When I feel like driving a little, I’ll go to Portals Vells and when I know I want to spend the entire day at the beach I’ll drive to Playa del Muro” , two breathtakingly beautiful beaches on the west and on the north side of the island.

The first word that comes to her mind when she thinks of Mallorca is “Home”, she feels that it is a place where you always want to come back.

“So, Virginia, what is your recommendation for someone who plans to visit Mallorca for the first time?”
Visit the old town, go to Tramuntana mountains and lay back on one of the many beaches. If the weather doesn’t allow you to enjoy a relaxed day by the beach, you can visit some of the many cosy villages like Sóller, Valldemossa, Deyá or Fornalutx.
Don’t you feel like taking an airplane straight away to this Mediterranean jewel?