maximice events group, first Spanish event agency to obtain the TISAX certificate


In recent years, the use of third-party data has created great controversy in the business world. Consumersare increasingly vulnerable to the rapid evolution of technologies, the internet, and the digital world. In aworld full of cyber criminals, who pose an immense danger to both companies and individuals, data has become the new gold and therefore a very important capital that all companies must protect properly to avoid being victims of cyber-attacks and data theft.

Maximice events group is a full-service event agency and destination management company for Spain with multiple offices all over the country. As we are dealing with third party personal data on a daily basis, we perfectly understand our clients’ concerns. We work a lot with automotive companies from all over the
world, handling large events with thousands of participants whose management is very complex. It is
precisely these large automotive companies that, due to the challenging nature of their events, require
their collaborators to strictly comply with the current data protection laws.

When it comes to information security, our customers have high expectations, so do we, and it is one of
our most important concerns to fulfil them. That is why we decided to get maximice events group audited, and after a long and demanding process, we have achieved the highest level of protection, the TISAX assessment level 3+ (information with a very high level of protection + prototype). Thus, we have become the first Spanish event agency and destination management company to obtain the TISAX.
TISAX means Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange and is a certification and security
standard for information management and processes in the automotive sector. Since 2017, contracting
authorities in the automotive industry require TISAX certification in framework agreements and purchasing conditions or tenders.

With the TISAX certification, we have demonstrated the high level of data protection and information
security with which we process and store customer data and our internal information assets. We
constantly monitor the ongoing development of these protection objectives through our management
assessment, and this is one of the reasons why we have been trusted in our customer relationships and
partnerships for many years.

TISAX was derived from ISO 27001 and adapted to the specificities of the automotive sector. Therefore, we have now taken the logical step and will also complete this general certification of Information Security Management Systems – ISO 27001.